Brand Ambassador and Field Promotions

Objective: Looking to fill a position as a Brand Ambassador for our major clients. Our expanding client portfolio is demanding the manpower to oversee the division's drive in sales within accounts and overall growth in team performance.

About: Our Company endeavors to provide a sustainable avenue of growth to exceed our clients' expectations. Our group of marketing experts delivers low-risk penetration into new markets to enable the brands we represent to seize business from rivals by making unique selling points more effectively known.


Develop logistical planning for future enhancements in sales
Enhance image of clients' products and brand placement
Foresee team to create innovate results in driving customer involvement and appreciation
Coordinate advertising promotional awareness for major sports accounts
Foster partnerships for individual accounts
Research related industries to measure competitors results
Work side-by-side with marketing directors to manage and train a team to successfully drive revenue

Requirements :

College degree would be preferred
Sports enthusiast
Qualities of a natural competitor and maintains an athletic mentality in performance
Skilled in management, or open to training

Desire growth and an increase in professional responsibilities

Don't Be Fooled

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